Glaze of Our Lives

Understanding Glazes

for the Beginner, with Matthew Katz

Matthew Katz is a ceramics materials nerd—there is no getting around it—who hopes to share his knowledge and experience with you. Katz has a BFA and MFA in ceramic art. He has worked in ceramic science for 20 years including having taught ceramic science for artists at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University for 15 years. His understanding of how artists work and think combined with the knowledge of ceramic science enables Katz to teach artists to make the most of their materials.

Course Description

Glazes can be a confusing and an intimidating subject for both new ceramic students and tenured professionals. The world of ceramic glaze is full of new terms, technology, processes and heartbreak. Post-Firing Depression can be a real problem! As we try our hardest, the outcome so often does not match our vision. Our hopes and dreams can be dashed by a lackluster glaze or flaw that mars our beautiful work!

Do not despair. Glazes do not have to remain a mystery. This course offers students the opportunity to truly understand how a glaze works. Despite being a challenge to master, the nature of glazes can be simple to understand.

All experience levels are welcome. Whether you are new to glazes or have years of experience, Glaze of Our Lives is the next step in ensuring that what comes out of the kiln matches your vision. This is a self-guided course allowing students to take all the time needed to work through the course. Access does not expire allowing students to refer back to concepts as questions or ah-ha! moments arise in the studio.

This course is hosted by the Archie Bray Foundation (the Bray) only. Content is the property of the Ceramic Material Workshop (CMW) which they have made available at a discount to our community as a way to support public-facing education programs found caught in the online transition caused by Covid-19 concerns. Thank you Ceramic Material Workshop for your support!

Little to No Experience?

No problem, this course is designed to help

students learn the foundations of what glazes are and how they work

Get Your Questions Answered

Learn about materials, glazes, firings, flaws,

and more while debunking ceramic myths

Over 12 Hours of Content

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