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A part of the 2020 Bray Benefit Auction's Experiences, this Glaze and Clay Seminar with Dr. William Carty is reserved for participants who bid during the auction event. Bidding participants had the opportunity to join William's seminar live, ask questions, gain access to handouts and resources, and now have access to the event recording. Join us at next year's Bray Benefit Auction for other unique experience opportunities!

Dr. William Carty; Glaze and Clay Seminar

2020 Bray Benefit Auction Experience

Recording; October 2020

William M. Carty is the John F. McMahon Professor and Chair of Ceramic Engineering at Alfred University. He received his BS and MS in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and his PhD in Materials Science from the University of Washington. He and his research group have, with the help of many graduate and undergraduate students, conducted research in all aspects of traditional ceramics (clay, bodies, and glazes) primarily in advanced microstructure evolution and materials behaviors. Bill has taken a special interest in the work and challenges facing artists who use ceramics as a primary medium. He has authored or co-authored over 80 papers and is a frequent contributor to NCECA. After almost 20 years of teaching ceramic science to artists, he is slowly understanding (and can speak eloquently, but perhaps ad nausea, about) the potential benefits of applying science to solve ceramic art creation problems.

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