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Online Content

Developed out of necessity in the spring of 2020. Our online classroom now provides us the opportunity to engage with our students both near and far. Content is intended to provide both the curious, and the serious ceramic enthusiasts new perspectives and educational opportunities. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date on new programming opportunities!

We're looking to expand our online content! If you, or someone you know, would be interested in teaching an online class or creating educational online content for The Bray, please email [email protected]

In-Person Programming, Revamped 2022

Since 1951 Education has been a facet of The Bray’s identity, shifting and growing along with The Bray while reflecting the larger ceramics community and society as a whole.  In 2022, after a prolonged closure due to the global pandemic, we are proud to relaunch Education at The Bray with new and innovative programming designed to elevate the ceramic experience for students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. 

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes assessing, rethinking, and developing a new approach to Education at The Bray. Much time and thought has gone into identifying how educational programming can have the greatest impact on as diverse a student base as possible, while ensuring quality instruction propels the standards of ceramic education forward. 

2022 will be a pilot year for us, as we slowly roll out new and revitalized programming throughout the year. We will continue to assess and remain malleable in our approach, as we strive to provide excellence in ceramic arts education for all.

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